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At Templeton Electric we offer a wide variety of services... If you don’t see what you are looking for don’t hesitate to call, chances are we can take care of any electrical need you may have!

Professional, Skilled & Trained

Not only are our expert electricians skilled & professionally trained, but we put customer service as our top priority. Got an electrical problem, let us handle it! We make the whole thing easy for you! If you're in need of an electrician, there is no one better to call.

Service Area

Templeton Electric locally serves Bryan College Station,Waco, Robertson County, Leon County, and more. We strive to be your local electrician for all electrical needs.

Trusting an Electrician

You want to know that you have a trained and qualified individual on the job when it comes to your home's electrical system.  Whether it's installing a new outlet or replacing your electrical panel, you should always use a licensed electrician.  Homeowners should be aware of this fact, and should always request their electrician's license number so that the company/individual's licensing can be looked up and verified.


It's also important to know the different classes of electrician licensing
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• Apprentice Electrician:

An Apprentice Electrician is an individual that is starting in the electrical trade.

• Wireman Electrician:

Once completing 2 years of supervised training and passing an electrical exam, an apprentice electrician will become a wireman electrician.  Wireman Electricians are licensed to work unsupervised in a residential home.  However, Wireman Electricians are not licensed to work in the commercial field.

• Journeyman Electrician:

Journeyman Electricians are required to have completed 8000 hours of electrical work under a Master Electrician.  They are also required to pass a written electrical exam.  

• Master Electrician:

All electrical contracting companies are required to have Master Electrician on board.